1851 | Founding of the Disconto-Gesellschaft co-operative credit society on the initiative of David Hansemann, an Aachen businessman, former Prussian Minister of Finance and head of the Prussian State Bank.

1858 | Relocation of the Disconto-Gesellschaft, now a bank, to the twin houses at Behrenstrasse 43/44.

1901 | The old head office is pulled down. A new, 5-floor bank is built with a facade of Alt-Warthauer sandstone. Focal point of the building is the two-storey counter hall with a slidable glass roof. Architect: Ludwig Heim, Court Building Adviser.

1910 | Acquisition of the neighbouring plots at Behrenstrasse 42 and 45 as well as Charlottenstrasse 35. The extension, which is matched to the style of the main building, is built according to the plans of architects Bielenberg & Moser.

1923 | Two more floors are added.

1929 | Merger of the Disconto-Gesellschaft and the Deutsche Bank.

1933 | Sale to the German Reich of the buildings on Behrenstrasse no longer needed as a result of the merger. Seat of the Ministry of Economics of the German Reich.

1950 | Gradual restoration of the building badly damaged in the war. The Building Department of the Municipality of East Berlin moves in.

1978 | A new attic floor is added.

1990 | The building becomes national property on the basis of the SILB Act (Sondervermögen Immobilien des Landes Berlin). Seat of various departments of the Senate Department for Urban Development, including Berlin's Director of the Senate Building Department. The model of Berlin is displayed in the roofed atrium.

2005 | Sale of the building to BonnVisio GmbH & Co. KG, a private real estate investor in Bonn.

2007 | Start of renovation work, reconstruction of the west wing, restoration of the building core and construction of the new stacked storeys.

2008 | Humboldt Carré is put to its new purpose as an exclusive office address with a large conference centre covering 2.200 m² and top-class gastronomy on the ground floor.

2011 | Location Award 2011 winner in the category “Conference Location for up to 500 PAX”.

2014 | Runner-up in the category “Conference Location”.